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Polyclinic of Litfonda was founded in 1936
Medical care for patients over 18 years old
Medical care for children and teenagers from birth up to 18 years old.
Dental care for children and teenagers up to 18 years old
Dental care for patients over 18 years old

Central polyclinic Litfonda

Hello, Dear Patients!

You are visiting the united website of the “Polyclinics Litfonda” for English-speaking patients.

The brand of the “Polyclinic Litfonda” unites three modern clinics – medical services for adults, medical services for children, dental services.

“Central Polyclinic Litfonda” - founded in 1936.

Experienced doctors of 30 specialists receive patients in the clinic. All specialists improve their professional level on a regular basis. They participate in the work of professional medical associations.

High-qualified medical care for the patients over 18 years old is rendered in the “Central Polyclinic Litfonda”.

The clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic facilities – magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasonic diagnostics (UD), endoscopy department, X-ray diagnostics, electrocardiography (ECG) and so on. This considerably improves the accuracy of medical diagnosis and the treatment quality.

“Children Polyclinic Litfonda” opened in 2011.

The polyclinic specialists provide high-qualified medical aid to children and teenagers from birth up to 18 years old. Reception in the “Children Polyclinic Litfonda” is performed in 25 medical specialties.

The quality of the medical service for the little children is provided by the most modern equipment and high level of professional training of our specialists. The clinic additionally includes the Pediatric Dentistry Department equipped with modern dental facilities.

“Dental Polyclinic Litfonda” has been operating since 1998.

Experienced doctors-dentists receive the patients on the following spheres - dental care, tooth extraction, tooth prosthetics (all types of prosthetics - implants, removable and fixed dentures, veneers, crowns), tooth cleaning and whitening, perio treatment.

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