X-ray and Mammography

X-ray and Mammography

The following examinations are carried out in the X-ray department of the polyclinic:

  1. chest X-ray
  2. spinal X-ray
    • cervical part,
    • thoracic part,
    • lumbar part
  3. skeletal X-ray and X-ray of joints
  4. head X-ray
  5. Mammography
Cheekbone X-ray
X-ray of the foot
X-ray of the clavicle
X-ray of the ribs
Record x-ray data on a CD

The highly qualified personnel of the department will quickly and qualitatively perform the necessary examinations using modern equipment and observing the radiation safety standards.


Mammography, also known as breast screening or breast x-ray, is used to detect changes that have occurred in a woman's breast.

After your examination, you obtain a copy of the mammogram images. A report will be produced and sent directly to the doctor who referred you to us.

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